Provincial's Message

The coming year 2025 is a double Jubilee year for all of us – the members of the Dumka-Raiganj province, the Church in the three dioceses of Dumka, Raiganj and Purnea, all our partners in mission and our well-wishers. The Holy Father has declared 2025 as an Ordinary Year of Jubilee with the theme, ‘Pilgrims of Hope’. Additionally, for us, we joyfully celebrate the Centenary of our Santal Mission with the theme ‘Recall with affection, Relish with gratitude and respond with generosity’ to the Lord who has blessed us abundantly in the past ten decades.

100 years ago, a tiny seed was planted at Majlispur, nourished and nurtured with love and dedication by our pioneers. Today its stands firm, majestic and tall – as the Santal Church – testimony of God’s goodness and kindness, protection and guidance. We recall with gratitude the pioneers led by Fr. Antony Debono and other Maltese and Sicilian missionaries who laboured in this vineyard called Santal Mission.

Our Vision

“Inspired by Jesus and Guided by Ignatian Ideals We, the Jesuits Of Dumka-Raiganj Province, Aim at a Transformed Society in which Mercy, Justice and Compassion are the Guiding Principles.”

Our Mission

“Rooted in the Gospel Values and Ignatian Spirituality We, the Jesuits of Dumka-Raiganj Province Commit Ourselves to Accompany the Youth, Faith Formation, Walking with the Poor and the Crucified of the World, Collaboration with All, Ecological Concerns, Planning and Strategizing Vocation Promotion, Professionalism in Mission, Networking and Team Work and Promoting Ignatian Spirituality to Transform Society as Mentioned in Our Vision Statement.”



PROVINCE DAYS 2024 The annual Province Days were held at Jeevan Dhara from May 21-23. The theme of the Province Days was, “Honouring Our History

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Faith Formation

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Vocation Promotion

It all began with Fr Anthony Debono, a round cap on his head, sitting on a horse…


March 09, 2024 to March 09, 2025.


The vision statement of the pastoral apostolate in the Province is: “Faced

Education Apostolate

The Vision and Mission Statement of the education apostolate is “to impart

Social Apostolate

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