25 Jun 2019-Education

The pioneers of the Santal Mission invariably followed the opening of any mission station with the establishment without delay of a primary school and hostel to serve the mission. Education was deemed absolutely important for the holistic uplift of rural and poor tribal people. For many years the Fathers manning the mission stations fostered enthusiastically primary and middle school education for the children of their missions. In 1938, Guhiajori Middle School was recognized and 10 years later the one at Mundli, Tinpahar, was recognized. Two High Schools were recognized, one St. Joseph's at Guhiajori in 1950 and the other St. John Berchmans at Mundli, Tinpahar, in 1962. English medium, Xavier School started at Sahibganj in 1957. Parents grew in awareness of the importance of education for their children's future, boys and girls. For the latter, the Fathers had at Majlispur and Dudhani, the invaluable help of the Sisters of Saints Bartholomea and Vicenza, the Bambinas, who ran their own schools and hostels for girls.