Annual Marian Gathering at Mariampahar

This year, an unexpected large crowd of about 20,000 pilgrims, 30 priests and a good number of nuns from different parts of Dumka, Raiganj, Purnea, Asansol and Bhagalpur Dioceses flocked to Mariampahar to celebrate the Marian pilgrimage and feast. The main celebrant was Rev.Fr. Sahai Raj, the Administrator of Purnea Diocese. After hoisting the flag in front of the Church, he recited a prayer and, then, the women’s group sang a Marian hymn. After this introduction, the huge crowd of pilgrims began walking around the hillock reciting the Holy Rosary. This was conducted by the faithful of the different village centers. After the Rosary, Holy Mass began. In his homily, Fr Sahai Raj stressed the need of everyday prayer to maintain good relationship with God and strengthen the faith through the intercession of Mother Mary. The liturgy and hymns helped much in creating a devotional atmosphere. Several individuals attested that they were healed through the intercession of Mother Mary of Mariampahar. A child who was not speaking for five years, started speaking when the family prayed to Mother Mary of Mariampahar.