Youth Ministry

Motto: In the footsteps of Inigo.

Mission: “A youth empowered by the values of Christ to build a young universal Church.” 

The main objectives:

To carry out the above objectives the youth of Dumka-Raiganj have been divided into different zones like Bengal, Purnea, Sahibganj, Bara Durgapur, Mariampahar, Pakur, Kandor, Dumka and Chilimpur. There are Jesuits as coordinators for each of these Zones accompanied by religious nuns and collaborators. Each Zone has a Youth President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer who conduct the meetings regularly in their respective Zones.

The Main activities undertaken during the year are:

  1. Strengthening Youth at zones: Family prayer twice a week in families, youth taking a lead in conducting prayers, seminar/orientation programme for youth, get involved in church/parish activities, strengthen Áto-tola’ kalisia, focus on unorganized youth.
  2. Bible Study
  3. Zonal Convention
  4. Sunday activities
  5. Monthly Meetings
  6. Collection of Youth Funds

Ignatian Jubilee year Programme

  1. Strengthen the number of Youth
  2. Cooperate with Parish Priests
  3. Pilgrimage at Zonal level
  4. Ignatian Quiz and Exhibition at Zonal level
  5. Seminar and Skits on Ignatian Themes
  6. Conversion Retreat for Three days
  7. Focus on burning issues of society
  8. Vocation Day
  9. Trainging the Youth
  10. Help the youth to pursue their career
  11. Mark the Youth Day and celebrate it
  12. Ignatian Theme on You tube
  13. Summer Programmes
  14. Exchange Programme