Provincial's Musings

An old adage says "Tune and tide wait for none." As Jesuits, we are taught to thank God for the gift of life every moment. Every second we live is a gift from God to us to make the universe a better place for all living beings. As Ignatian spirituality stresses, every moment becomes a thanksgiving to God and as thanksgiving becomes a habit for us, we become conscious of every second that God has given us and it impels us to cooperate with God in His work of re-establishing the lost glory of the universe. Tune becomes valuable not for profit making but for universal fraternity and well being. Thanksgiving becomes a spring in us that wells up energy to work bard and spend every moment of our lives in doing something beneficial, something beautiful for God and for the universe. Time management is used by corporate houses to improve efficiency, and thereby increase profitability. We can surely use it to increase efficiency of our services to the people of God and there by make our gratitude to God for our lives something very practical and down to earth. Creativity, Magis and Excellence become a way of life for us if we learn to manage our time well and usefully. Too much of gossip, rumour mongering, use of social media and fraternal visits help none but make us forget life as a gift of God to be used for creating a better universe. I hope we become exemplars of better time management for our people.