169th year – “Santal Hul”

Santal Hul (Rebellion) was a first untold historical freedom movement against Mahajan and British Colonials lead by Sido, Kanhu, Chand and Bhairo Murmu, four Santal Brothers of Bhognadih in the year 1855. This is a matter of Research that how these illiterate, so called peace loving Santal people revolted against the East Indian Company but successfully lead the movement for months. The historical place where strategy was made is no other place than Bhognadih, a small village in Barhet Block of Sahibganj district Santal Pargana Jharkhand. The day was 30th June of 1855 when thousands of people not only from this so called Santal Pargana region but adjoining area of Hazaribag, Damodar vally region, Bankukra, Birbhum, and bihar assembled here. They unanimously standup under the leadership of Sido- Kanhu, Chand, Bhairo Murmu against exploitation by landlord and misrule by British colonials. They fought for months for their cause. The intensity of the movement was so intensive and extensive, company had to proclaim Marshal law for the 1st time in history to suppress the movement. But they were not budging the rule. Phulo and Jhano two sisters took the leadership of women. This is a movement of collective leadership and many battles were fought simultaneously under different leaders. Although thousands people were Massacred in this movement but a new era was born as formation of Santal Pargana from part of Bhagalpur and Birbhum region in 22nd Dec 1855 and a special act was passed to safeguard and land  of people by Santal Pargana Tenancy Act. The Manjhi Pargana System was reestablished and many civil and criminal powers were instructed to these authority. 

Sicne 2005 Gotta Bhart Sido Kanhu Hul Baisi in collaboration with Johar Human resource development centre, Dumka, Sona Santal sewa Samiti Kodma, organizes a Pathyatra commemorating the Santal Hul and to pay homeage to these tribal leaders, participate in 105 k.m.from Dumka to Bhognadih. The Pathyatra Started at Pokra chowk on 26th June. On the way wherever the stature of Sido kanhu were there, we payed homage and had hold in differerent places. Finally we reached St. Xavier’s school Bhognadih. After spending the night there at St.Xavier’s campus, we had a half day seminar on the various issues and the problems of Jharkhand. It was concluded that we will be able to face better if we know the tribal laws and stand together to fight for our rights. We were almost 250 people took in the pathayatra from Dumka to Bhognadih. It was great and meaningful commemoration of Hul, remembering Sidho kanhu, Chando, Bhairo and Phulo Jhano Murmu. We thank the organizing committee for all the arragement.                                     

                                                                                                                                                                   –Fr. John Felix SJ