Arrupe Tribal Cultural Centre

Arrupe Tribal Cultural Centre is located at Dhanjori village near Bhognadih in the district of Sahibganj in Jharkhand State, eastern India. The Jesuits of Dumka Raiganj Province, in one of their Annual gatherings, took a decision through discernment that the Province starts a Tribal Cultural Centre. The idea was to contribute our share in highlighting the cultural nuances of the tribes in our working area particularly and of Jharkhand in general. In our area there are two tribal groups such as the Santals and the Malto (Paharias) hill tribe.

The venue has particular importance as Bhognadih is the birth place of tribal martyrs Sido-Kanhu and others who spearheaded the Santal insurrection in 1855 against socio-economic exploitation by non-tribals and against unfavorable laws and regulations of the British administration.

The land was acquired from two tribal families who willingly offered their land for a social cause. On Sept 10, 2016 the new Centre was inaugurated as Arrupe Tribal Cultural Centre. As of now, we have a tastefully designed Tribal Cultural and Educational Park. The Park offers a historical perspective of tribal movements in Jharkhand State spanning over about 250 years. Visitors get a good understanding of tribal history in Jharkhand and about a number of tribal heroes, heroines and martyrs who organized their fellow tribals and fought for human dignity and freedom from ex-palpitation.